The Wimbledon Special at Benares Mayfair

The Wimbledon Special at Benares Mayfair

Wimbledon Dessert Mayfair

Ah, Wimbledon. The Grandest of all Grand Slams.


The Wimbledon Tennis Championships is finally here. The greatest stage in the world of tennis. There’s no better competition; and no greater glory than Wimbledon. Millions across the world are going to rally behind their favourites as they vie for a slice of eternal glory in tennis history.


Not too far from the action, at Benares’ Centre Court, our Head Pastry Chef Elroy Pereira, has just served an ace. Introducing Game-Set-Meringue, our special dessert for Wimbledon. Our offering is a playful top-spin on the classic Wimbledon dessert of strawberries and cream. With a base made from pistachio cake resembling a tennis ball, the dessert consists of meringue filled with fresh and fermented strawberries like juicy half volleys, topped with rich cream and thin slices of the succulent fruit. So tempting is this dessert, it would make the staunchest of baseliners to run towards the net for a bit of serve and volleying; the dessert being the ultimate reward for their efforts!

This masterpiece is a winner that would rival even Roger Federer’s one handed backhand.

Wimbledon Dessert MayfairLooks and tastes so good, even Emma Raducanu would go for a second serve.

Game Set Meringue comes with the portion of a rhubarb and ginger lime cordial that you can pour over the dessert, as shown in the GIF. Trust us when we say this is worth it because yet another dimension to the dessert and significantly elevates its lovely taste profile. Now isn’t this a winner you would love to see on replay?

Wimbledon Dessert Mayfair

Visit us at Benares while the Wimbledon Championships are on and indulge in a treat fit for champions. It has been our ethos to champion traditional Indian cuisine with the best of British produce and present it with a refine, contemporary touch. With Game-Set-Meringue, we aim to continue doing just that.

Game-Set-Meringue is available till July 14.


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