Tasting Menu with Paired Cocktails


Prepare to be captivated by our latest innovation—the Tasting Menu with Paired Cocktails—an exquisite journey for your senses that pushes the boundaries of traditional dining.

Our visionary mixologist has crafted an extraordinary selection of cocktails that perfectly complement each course on our signature Tasting Menu, elevating your experience to new heights. 

At Benares, we believe that dining is an art form—a delightful fusion of flavours, aromas, and sensations. Our Tasting Menu with Paired Cocktails is a celebration of this belief, an innovative concept that pushes boundaries and redefines the way we experience fine dining. 


Indulge your senses, embrace the extraordinary, and experience dining reimagined at Benares. Book your table today and prepare for an enchanting unforgettable culinary adventure.


The Tasting Menu with Paired Cocktails is available on request at £176 per person, for the entire table only, for a maximum of 16 guests. Vegetarian option is available. We advise that reservations for Tasting Menu is not later than 13:00 for Lunch and 21:00 for Dinner.

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